Coyote Hill

Meet the Organization

Research has long suggested that child abuse is known to repeat itself from one generation to the next. That’s why we create secure homes for children to live in, both at our fostering community in Harrisburg and in our licensed foster homes throughout mid-Missouri. At Coyote Hill, we are committed to creating a safe place to be a child.

At Coyote Hill, we provide the resources and training to help parents provide a temporary or forever home for a child in foster care. Foster parents stand in the gap to help a child heal from the trauma they’ve experienced and teach them valuable life skills. Foster parents play a vital role in a child’s story.

Family Advocates are essential to the mission of Coyote Hill. A Family Advocate’s role is to ‘walk through life‘ with the foster family, while also providing in-home coaching and mentoring for foster families on a regular basis. They maintain a relationship with the family to make sure they have everything needed to be successful and create stability for their child.

Family Advocates provide anything from a Welcome Basket when the family welcomes their first child, to physical needs for their home, to more training throughout their foster parenting journey. Our Family Advocates are excited to serve and walk through all the fun times as well as the challenges!


Coyote Hill
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